Even Caveman Know Coal Bad!!!

So 1 April was a great day, for all those involved. I was at the office, and took no real part in the festivities, planning or execution, but the stories were fantastic. Basically, on April Fools Day, Greenpeace gathered staff and volunteers together to dress as cavemen and prance about upon the street, illustrating that dependence on coal is rather barbaric and primitive, given the advancements in energy and technology in the, oh, I don’t know, last 200+ years. It was hilarious and effective for all who saw it. Must say, as far as protest techniques go, I thought it a very good one. fossil-fools-day3225050361fossil-fools-day3225053361fossil-fools-day3225058361


~ by Kirsten Samantha Rønholt on 07/04/2009.

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