Your mother was a hamster…

So Olympic was absolutely, breathtakingly, fantastically incredible. Madison and I had an amazing time–went to Canada by accident [never let two dumb blondes…neither of whom are actually blonde…try to go ANYWHERE without a map and explicit directions of how to GO SOUTH AND THEN WEST and not north on the 5…yay Smokey Point, Washington, 2 miles from the Canadian border] then followed Brad and company on the 101 and actually passed them and somehow ended up on First Beach by around 0630 and drank some wine and watched the sun rise [sort of, it was really cloudy] and then passed out for a few hours. Shweet… Then, we spent the day debating going to Octopus Mountain, then scoffing at the idea of going to Olympus Mountain [haha 17 miles in…haha shuuuuuuurr], then eventually ended up at Lake Crescent, easily one of the prettiest places in the Olympic Island. We summitted!! ..Pinnacle Peak, which had a bangin’ view of San Juan Island and the Sound and was just all around beautiful–then we headed back down from the lookout and met …dudeface with his dog Sam and barely survived the landslide slope and meandered down to Second Beach–absolutely brilliantly beautiful. Hiked our stuff in, including several bottles of wine, my Junior-sized tent, and a box which included some kindling, lighters, and a blowtorch that our cook had given me, ‘just in case’. Turns out, high winds on the beach tend to discourage driftwood bonfires, no matter how much you want it. Thus, a night of gathering wood, building it up into a pile, and lighting the shit out of it with a blowtorch. Yep, we got in touch with our inner Les Stroud. …cough, cough… Passed out sometime around 2300 or so, with a corkscrew firmly embedded in an unopened bottle of forgotten, but not unloved merlot. Next morning found us sans hangovers, avec joie de vie et trop d’amour pour notre environments. Très bien, non? Jacked around for a few hours, then set out for more adventures. Including an attempted ascent of Hurricane Hill…which resulted in a bitching out and attempted ascent to Happy Lake…which turned into a nap in the shade in the middle of the trail from which we were rudely awakened by a group of twittering birds who insisted upon chirping and utterly disturbing our peace and quiet. From there we camped out in Olympic on the bank of a river, and colored in one of those crazy kids fuzzy posters of a flamboyent pirate. Next day, we traveled to Port Angeles and met up with the Response Team, sans Libby, and went to a bookstore, a gear shop, an amazing bead shop, and some more caffeine. Searching for a campsite took some effort and we ended up back at Madison and my campsite from the night before, which was no longer deserted and not as much fun as it was with just the two of us being dorks all on our own. Le sigh. Next day resulted in a stop back in Port Angeles, while the R Team headed over to Lake Crescent to drink and play in the water. Mads and I ran into Travis from Trails [ridiculous coincidence…they were on their one off day and stopped in Goodwill for whatever reason] and then headed back to the mountain. No, we did not end up in Mexico. Though based on our track record, that eventuality definitely seemed possible. Long story short, wicked fun adventuring was had by all. Back to work mañana and update again…maybe soon. Peace out, homeslice.

~ by Kirsten Samantha Rønholt on 19/07/2008.

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