Chinchillas in Rainier

So, here at Mount Rainier, halfway done. …um, how’d that happen again? Oh, yeah, May and June were fogged over and rainy and snowy…thus…now that summer’s finally here, feels like we missed a month or so.  
Its been almost a month with no snow!!! …but that’s not talking about fog and rain and wind, et cetera. Which…is sort of a permanent factor up here on the mountain. Either that, or deathly heat. Like, fogged up but in the 80’s anyways. Mother nature likes to confuse me while I’m dressing in the mornin’. *le shrug*
USC is playing away games at Oregon and Wash State, so if any of ya’ll are up in the area for the games, let me know and I’ll venture forth from the wilderness to say hey and shotgun some Coors light goodness, in honor of all those Tuesday afternoons at the beer pong table. More to come, and maybe some pics, if you’re lucky.
-your favorite Danish immigrant from San Diego


~ by Kirsten Samantha Rønholt on 05/07/2008.

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